Monday, July 30, 2012

August Excitement!

July 30, 2012
Dear Familia,

Looking back, this week was pretty sweet. A lot happened and we were able to see many miracles, Chyeah! First, I want to address the things that you said in your letter! I’m down with that full teeth cleaning and thanks for hooking me up with an appointment. It's all good that you talked to President Morby and that’s pretty cool that you got to talk to him. He is a great President and an amazing example to me. I figured out why I have been so tired recently and since the last time we talked I have been feeling better. I had been waking up early every morning at 5:50am so I could work out earlier and get to my studies faster but I realized that after doing this for almost a year I’m getting pretty tired. Now I have been waking up at 6:10am instead to get a couple more minutes of sleep and running in the morning and that has really been helping me out to have more energy and stay awake during my studies. I feel a lot better know and I have more energy every day. I think I’ll be good for know, I just needed to get some more sleep and start running, Chyeah!!!!!!

I’m really excited to be able to finish up out here in Canby and I love this place! I’ll let you know what happened with transfers this past week and how awesome the District is that we have out here! Elder W was serving in the North but he got transferred to be the Zone Leader here in the South so know I’m going to be able to go on exchanges with him like old times! He’s the Zone Leader out here with Elder B so we will be meeting up every week to talk about the work and have our District meetings. My former companion in Woodburn, Elder B just got back from serving his time in English and now he is training a new missionary from New Zealand in Wilsonville. It’s good to have him in the district because he is a G and a hard worker. Elder P (my brother in the mission because Elder Hanson, my father, trained him after me) is in the district and training a new missionary. It’s good to have him here because he is the man. Everyone in the district is training and the trainers all have been out on the missions for as long as I have. I’m super pumped to have all my best friends in the district and district meetings are going to be awesome. Last district meeting, we focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon and to express to the missionaries its importance and how it is the most powerful tool we have in helping our investigators to be converted to the lord, I gave them a visual lesson. We went to the gym where I had gotten a Piñata and said it was Satanas o el enemigo. I then got a golf club and said it was like a sword in the battle or good versus evil and it signified the Book of Mormon. I then beat down the piñata to help them know that if we use the Book of Mormon, Satanas can’t win. It was something different but I like to do different activities so the Elder’s don’t fall asleep. I’m just pumped because we’ve got the best district in the mission and it’s time to bajar la cana!!!

We gave our talks in sacrament meeting yesterday and it went great. It was a great line up as G started off talking about missionary work and then Elder W talked about the Book of Mormon and I spoke about conversion. It was great and G’s talk was awesome. He is going to be a great missionary y ya el ha agrarrado la onda. Elder Wright is the man and his Spanish was super good, he already speaks better than I do, Chyeah!!!!! I shared personal experiences from my life and told the members about my conversion story and how I came to know the gospel and church was true. I couldn’t hold back the tears as I thought that this may well be my last time talking in sacrament here pues. A lot of unexpected people showed up to sacrament meeting that we weren’t planning on it was good to see them there. After sacrament meeting, G was ordained to the office of Elder and received el Sacerdocio del Melquisedec. He is ready to go on his mission and he sent in his papers last week! Now we just have to wait 2 weeks and we will see where the Lord calls him to serve. I’m thinking he might go to New York or Atlanta Spanish speaking but who knows! He is a G and wherever he goes, he will do work!

Well, this week was great and I’m ready for the month of August. There are so many great things that are going to happen this month it’s ridiculous! One of the members of the Quorum of the 12 apostles is coming to the mission to speak to us and then a week later one of the 70s, Elder Corbridge, is coming to speak with us! Also, G is having his farewell party and we are going to go back to the temple with our boy B, Chyeah!

The branch is doing well as more and more Hermanos are coming out with us to preach the word. The less actives are doing well but many of them are struggling because they are working on Sundays. It’s hard out here because of the harvest. They only have a couple months of solid work and then for the rest of the year they don’t have much to do. We are teaching them to have the faith sufficient to trust in the Lord and keep his commandments. I’m praying super hard because at times I don’t know what to do to help them but I know they want to do the right thing. We are working hard and teaching all the people we can and focusing more on the Book of Mormon. We realized that we have basically taught them everything but they are not reading in the Book of Mormon regularly. So when we go to teach them, we are focusing more on the Book of Mormon and helping them to understand what it is.  Things are going well and we have a lot of work to do. I’m really excited about the district we have out here and I think I have the best Elders in the mission are in this district. Obviously all missionaries are good but I really love the Elders here and feel privileged to work with them.

Hopefully G will get his call to go to the MTC at the end of September that would be cool. We also have 10 baptisms to look forward to and a lot of work to do. I’m going to give it my all and I know the Lord will help me to complete our goals with his will. I love you guys and I’m glad that you’re doing well! I know this church is true and thanks for serving missions too, you are great examples to me!

Elder Payne