Monday, July 23, 2012

Last Transfer and Staying in Molalla!

July 23, 2012

Dear Familia,
Another great week and we saw some awesome miracles. We got phone calls last night to see what is going to be happening with exchanges and I am staying in Molalla for my last transfer in the mission and I’m pumped. There is a lot of work to get done and not a lot of time to do it. The mission is changing a lot since today we will get  6 new verdesitos (Greenies) arriving so many missionaries are now training. I’m excited to see what happens with all the new companionships and I will try to help them grow.  I'm glad to spend another transfer here in Molalla with my companion Elder W. He is a really good missionary and his Spanish is awesome. We don’t speak English at all so he has truly improved in just 6 weeks. It sounds like everything is going great back at home and I was pretty shocked to get a call from the mission home telling me that my cousin Manuel is going to Chile on his mission. That is so awesome and I can’t wait for him to get out there. I would love to talk to him and give him some pointers and I know he will be a great missionary. I know from personal experience that the Lord sends you exactly where you need to be and Manuel will help out a ton of people back home in Chile.  It truly is amazing how so many of my cousins on Mom’s side of the family who have come to America have been called back home to Chile.  The Lord truly works in miraculous ways.

So are we still planning to go to Chile when I get home? I thought that was something we were going to do but who knows. You just set it up and I’m down for whatever. I think that’s a good idea that I give a talk in the Shallowford Ward and Cherokee Spanish Branch the same week I get back so I can invite all my friends to come. I don’t want to think about it too much but I know it’s coming up really soon. I know the goals we have set for this last transfer will keep me focused and I’m going to work harder than I ever have before.

I’m actually giving a talk this Sunday in the Rama with Elder W and G's going to speak about la obra misional. G is sending in his papers this week and I think he put his availability date for the 1st of September. We’ve got to get that kid on his mission as soon as possible. I’m excited to give a talk and it’s about becoming converted to Christ. I’ve given a lot of talks on my mission and I’ve learned mas o menos on what is the best way to deliver a talk. At the beginning of my mission I would just read my talk and read from the scriptures. I have learned now that people want to hear personal experiences and how the gospel has affected your life. So I will try to give some personal experiences in my talk this Sunday about how I have tried to become converted to the Lord and his teachings. I’ll let you know how everything goes. We have been going out with our branch mission leader B a lot and that is helping us find new investigators. He introduced us to some of his friends and now we are teaching them. We are still working hard with our 10 investigators that we are preparing for baptism and things are going well. We are inviting them to read in the Book of Mormon daily so they can feel the spirit and gain a strong testimony. We have a lot of work to do out here as we are trying to keep half of the branch active while trying to teach our investigators. We are seeing a lot of changes as well, as the brethren are doing their home teaching and visiting their families. I know their faithfulness will help as the less active families will have more fellowship.

Something cool to add to the letter I wrote you last week. You remember the guy I mentioned that offered me an alcoholic beverage at the birthday party and said the Lord said to eat, drink and be merry?  We are helping him keep the word of wisdom now, Chyeah! We stopped by his house this week and he expressed to us that he has desires to quit drinking and so we’ve got his back. We want to explain the atonement better and how through the atonement of Christ we can receive that extra strength we need to conquer the natural man. I have been exercising my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in his atonement a lot now that I’m always tired. I know that the Lord can give me extra strength to carry out his will especially as I ask for it. I have felt his strength and help as some days I am not as exhausted so I know I’ll be using the atonement a lot this transfer. Well, things are going super and the Branch is working hard to fellowship and improve on the things they need to do. We are trying our best out here and appreciate your prayers on our behalf. I know the Lord will help us to accomplish our goals and bring his children unto him through baptism. I love this work and I’m so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my Savior.


Elder Payne