Monday, August 13, 2012

Three Weeks Left and Working Hard!

August 13, 2012  
Dear Family,
This week was pretty intense and we were super busy. Sounds like you guys had a pretty good week as well. I can’t believe that Alex is almost 5 months pregnant and I’m ready to be a TIO. That’s good that you guys have decided to extend your mission because I know that you still have a lot of good work to do in la Rama ahi. I liked that little experience that you shared with me that Bennett and Justin got to share their testimonies at the Spanish Branch! I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, if I’m going to Utah or if I’m going to stay home until school starts in January. I have been so busy and focused on the work that I haven’t really thought about it to much but I will pray about it to see where the Lord wants me to go. More than anything, I just want to continue with the good habits I have acquired on my mission and not lose the momentum that I have gained out here. I know wherever I go; I will apply the things I have learned. But if I need to go to a certain place, I know the Lord will help me figure that out! That would be cool to work in the Spanish branch there in Georgia for awhile and help out the missionaries for a few months. I’ve got some time to ponder about this so we will see what happens.

Well the missionary work out here is really moving forward. We met like 15 new investigators last week and now we just have to get them going and learning about the gospel of Jesucristo. B is helping us out a ton and the members are helping out a lot too. We had a member from la Rama with us every day last week so that really helped us to fellowship the people we are teaching. Our prayers have been answered for D as know she has gotten all Sundays off and went to church yesterday with her 5 boys. It was awesome to see them all there and know we just have to set another baptismal date and hopefully it will be this weekend.  We are working with a lot of people but due to work and other reasons, it’s kind of hard to help them progress. I know that faith and prayer is the key and we will keep inviting the people to live the gospel and keep the commandments. More and more I am having to rely on the power of prayer as I realize I can only do so much but I will have to trust that the Lord will help me with the rest.  G hasn’t received his mission call yet but he will very soon, he has an interview with the Stake President this Wednesday and I think after that he will get his call. I’m pumped to see where he will go and I’m thinking New York or something. We went to a party last Saturday at one of the members that is a contratista or labor contractor and there were a ton of Hispanics there. We ate good food from Oaxaca and met a bunch of people from Mexico. I love the Mexican people and I think I’m more Mexican than Chilean now pues. Anyway, it was a cool fiesta and they gave us some of their company t shirts and hats to rock! The District is doing well and it’s like a brotherhood out here. I love the mission and I’m kind of bummed it’s almost over.

The district is working hard but we are all facing the same challenges as this is the season of work for most of the Hispanics here in the farming communities in which we labor and they are super busy. I know that the Lord has prepared his children to hear this message and that the spirit is the way we will convert. We are working and practicing on the Preach My Gospel fundamentals and I would say that all the new missionaries are doing a great job. They are learning things in their first 2 transfers that took me my whole mission to understand.

I desire and hope that I may be able to help these people in this area come unto Christ and I’m giving it all I got. I’m kind of glad that it’s not easy as I’m having to humble myself more and more and rely on the strength of the Lord. I know the gospel is true and that’s why I know that everything will work out and we will meet our goals that we set at the beginning of the month with faith and prayer.

It’s starting to hit me that I don’t have too much time left on the mission but I know that I’m going to give it all I’ve got. I know God lives and this is His work. The most important thing I can be doing is sharing the gospel right now and I feel privileged to have this great opportunity. I love you guys and have a great week. Keep it real and stay hungry!


Elder Payne