Sunday, October 3, 2010

September 28th

September 28, 2010

Dear Parentals,

How are you doing? Yo hablo español todos los días en el CCM. Yo escribí una letra por mi Abuelita hoy y mi hermana Heather también. Yo no escribí Oscar porque yo no tenía más tiempo en la computadora.

Anyway, I will write to Oscar the next time I get some time. I think I have found a way to send pictures through the internet so I will try that next P-day. I wrote Abuelita but I am not sure if she will understand it. Tell her I wrote her though and to check her mail. I wrote Heather and made a pact with her to write to her every week of my mission. I have not written Alex, Nicole or Nana yet but will soon. My P-days are so buys because I have to do laundry, go to the temple, write email, eat, and much more.

I have gained 13 pounds since I got here. I now weigh 165 pounds but I don’t think I am any fatter just stronger as I have been exercising a lot. I have not gone to see the Doctor, but my headaches went away. Anyway, this place is awesome! My Spanish is improving day by day as I learn new things. I am grateful for Abuelita for accepting the Gospel many years ago so I could be here today. I can’t wait to get out into the mission field and be led by the Spirit to people that need the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will now try and share my testimony in Espanol to the best of my ability. Yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo es verdadera. Yo se que el libro de mormón es las palabras de dios. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi salvador y el sufrió en la cruz por mi pecados. Yo estoy muy feliz y agradecido por la oportunidad a servir una misión. Yo se que Dios es nuestro padre celestial y Jesucristo es su hijo.

Send me a package of more beef jerky and mangos if you want to. I love you guys and if you have any questions just ask me.

Elder Dolor