Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5th 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

What is going on? I feel like I have a lot to tell you again. In class we have been playing this game called the Native. It’s were the teacher picks out someone at the end of the day to be the Native. The native must only speak Spanish all day and the next day they have to try and convince everyone else that are the native. At the end of the day, everyone votes for who they think the native is. The catch is everyone can speak Spanish, so you never know who the native really is. I don’t know if that was a good explanation, but it has been helping me practice my Spanish more. Anyway, class has been going well and I have been learning a lot about Spanish. My companions and I just taught the plan of salvation in Spanish to another investigator and it went really well. There are so many grammar principles that you have to learn, but with time I will get them all down.

I know I have to send you guys some pictures of what has been going on while I have been here. I have a lot of pictures but I’m just not sure how to do it through the computers here because they have everything blocked! I think I can send them through an email or I might just have to buy a flash drive with about 4 GB and send it home to you. All my friends that I met when I first got here are leaving so we have been getting information and everything, trying to figure out where people are going to be so we can chill when we get back. It’s hard to believe that I am half way through with my training at the MTC. It feels like I have only been here a week or so.

Basketball has been going well and I have been ballin it up. Some Elders came up to me at the cafeteria and said," Hey are you Air Mormon, can I get an autograph?' it’s pretty funny. I figured out something here which is kind of cool and helps you make friends pretty easily. All you really have to do is give people a sincere compliment and it breaks the ice and they like you. When I don’t know someone, I just go up to them and say, hey Elder, that’s a nice tie! Then they are automatically put in a good mood. I don’t know if that always works, but I feel like here at the MTC, the Complimenter (the guy that gives compliments) is a good guy to be. I think looking for the good in people is the best, as you can always find something nice to say to start a conversation.

I just finished the book of Matthew the other day and I have to say that I loved reading it. The teachings of Jesus Christ are truly amazing. I love how people came up to him and asked for his help, and Jesus would do it according to their faith. He could sense the faith they had and would perform miracles. It is hard to believe that Judas still betrayed Christ, even after Christ called him out. When he said “one of you will betray me” and Judas said something like, “is it me Lord”?

Conference was amazing, it blew my mind. I was so excited to hear the testimonies of the Lords servants. I wanted to hear what they had to say, and see how much more I need to grow from there teachings. Every talk taught me something different! I loved President Uchdorf’s talk about pride and how he reminded us that pride is the universal sin. It is so true and I need to be more humble in my life, and acknowledge that everything I have is because of God. I liked how he said pride is the switch that turns priesthood power off! I loved it when the Prophet, Thomas s. Monson stood up and talked. The first thing he said in the first session was about missionary work. I’m so glad I am able to serve a full time mission. When the Prophet was talking about gratitude, and how we need to be grateful for everything, I got the strongest feeling from the spirit that he truly is a Prophet of God. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Lords mouthpiece and how blessed we are to have a living prophet on the earth again today. Whenever he was talking in conference, I knew that what he was saying is what I needed to here.

Another thought that was going through my head after conference is that the things that are taught in conference not only are meant to bring you to Christ, but teach you how to be a better person. All the things that were taught will help you to be more like Christ. Be humble and don’t have pride, be gracious and have gratitude for everything in your life. I loved President Holland’s talk about how grateful he was for everything. I wanted to thank you guys so much for making it a possibility for me to come on my mission. There is nothing else I would rather be doing right now!

I do have to ask you to send me something if you can though. The nice pen that you guys gave me just ran out of ink and they don’t have any of the sizes in here to refill it. Can you send me another nice one in the mail; I like to have them in my front pocket next to my nametag so I look professional.

Tie trades are going well and I’ve gotten some sweet ones. Another man’s junk is another man’s treasure here as I get some pretty cool ties in here for practically free. Anyway, I will continue to study hard and strive to have the spirit as a constant companion as I do the Lords work.

Again, thanks for everything and thanks for everyone that has helped me to be here.

Peace out!


Elder Dolor (Pain in Spanish)