Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 12, 2010 Letter from the MTC!

October 12, 2010

Dear Mom, Dad and friends,

I have a lot to tell you, but it might be similar to what I have been writing for the last 6 weeks. Anyway this is great. I think I have learned a lot of valuable important lessons since I last wrote you. Even though they aren’t that big of a deal, I will write out each experience I’ve had that has helped me to learn something, even though it might sound stupid.

First, I wanted to respond by telling you all my friends I want you to get to write me who haven’t or at least let them know how I’m doing. Josh Lansky, Jake Montgomery, Mason, Andrew and Jordan Mallard, Shawn Hayes, Alise Payne, Jordan Fram, Kevin Graham, Heath Haws, Will from BYUI, Brandon Guldenshoe, German and Chris Woodhouse. I hope you are letting all of my friends know how I am doing and that I miss them all.

Also I can’t send you all the pictures I have on my camera right now through these computers here at the MTC. I guess I will have to send them once I get into the field. I need to buy another memory stick so I can send you one in the mail with all the pictures on it, or buy some CD's whatever is best, but right now I can’t do it.

Anyway, one of my experiences I want to share with you is that I bought this new, really nice pen! It was called the Zebra F-402. I really enjoyed the pen as it wrote really well. I was at lunch and a Sister asked me if she could borrow my pen. So after I let her borrow it, I kind of forgot she still had it. Later that day I went up to her and asked if she still had it, but she said she had given it back to me already. Knowing that this wasn’t true, I was upset. I have never received the pen back from her but she insists that she gave it back to me. Saddened by the loss of my new pen that I only had for 2 days I was feeling pretty low. So I was sitting in class and I was contemplating buying another one, knowing I would probably never see my pen again! As soon as the thought passed one of the other sisters in the class asked me if I needed to borrow a pen. After that I thought to myself, instead of being sad about my loss, I need to be grateful for the time I had with the pen, even if it was just for 2 days. Feeling better, my District Leader told me I had a package in the mail, and it was the pens you sent me!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy because I knew that being patient and not going out to buy another Zebra pen had paid off. I have learned that no matter how small a thing is that we lose, we need to be grateful for the time we had with it, and if we are patient, everything will work out alright. I know this story sounds lame and stupid, but it helped me to learn not to worry about the little things, especially like stupid pens. By the way, the pens you sent me are AWESOME!

My good friend Vela who showed me the ropes when I first got here just left for the field! We want to room together at BYUI when we get back. Anyway, we traded ties and signed them! He gave me this sweet purple paisley tie from the 70s that he got for free in the free tie box here. I gave him a cool Blue paisley I got from trading another Elder on the 3rd floor.

Our Investigator Quigue is doing really well. We just taught him the 3rd lesson and we have committed him to be baptized in 2 weeks. He has accepted and now it is our job to help him get ready for his baptism Saturday. He has a problem with drinking and smoking, so we will have to teach him the word of wisdom, and help him overcome it. Also, he has had some problems with his father, and no longer wants to talk to him. So we have been teaching him about forgiveness. He says it is really hard to forgive his father, but I have testified to him that through faith in Jesus Christ, anything is possible. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ, any pain or trial he is facing in his life can be lifted. It is such a wonderful message that we are able to teach to people. I can’t wait to go out into the field and testify that I know that Jesus Christ lives and is my Savior. The spirit is so strong when we teach Quigue and I know Christ makes it possible for me to teach Quique all in Spanish! My Spanish is coming along pretty good; I’m starting to understand pretty much everything our teacher says with only a few words that I can’t understand. Each day gets better and better.

I also learned another lesson this week. Some of the Elders in my district were playing the piano in our classroom and a lady named Shirley who works at the MTC barged in and told us to stop playing “that music”. It wasn’t exactly a Church hymn, but it wasn’t bad either. Anyway, I reacted like Hey Maam; I don’t think that this is a bad song we are playing here. She got all upset because she thought I was disrespecting her. To make a long story short, I apologized for talking back to her. I learned from this experience that even though people can come on strong by telling you to do something, you just need to sit back and relax, and handle the situation like a man without all of your emotions in it. I’m pretty sure this lesson will help me in the mission field with people who want to rip on the Church. I hope you can feel and understand what I’m saying.

I received an awesome package from the Neilson's the other day and really appreciate their kindness. I really miss my little brothers and the Neilson family and hope the boys are behaving themselves. I am going to write them back today. Maria Elba wrote me from Chile all in Spanish and I found out that my Chilean teacher used to live in Ovalle where Maria and her family is from. What a small world it is huh? Elder Garcia said that perhaps Maria Elba may know his father, George Garcia, who lives in Ovalle.

As I have said in past letters, the New Testament is so awesome and I can’t wait to finish reading it. I have much more to tell you but will have to do so in another letter as I am out of time.

Love to all,

Peace out!