Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Six Weeks in Woodburn!


Dear Family and Friends,

This week was amazing and full of great spiritual experiences.  Today we started the new transfer and Elder B and I will be staying here in Woodburn for another one! My companion Elder B is the man and we are working in unity. We both like to keep the apartment clean, work hard and be 100% obedient, so what more can I ask for?

We have a lot of work to do and things are going great. This new transfer ends December 26th, the day after Christmas and we have set some high goals this transfer to find, teach and baptize. Yesterday was an amazing experience as we were able to be a part of the baptism of B and D.  It was a great baptismal service and almost the entire Branch came out to support these two new members of the Lords church. It was a wonderful experience and we are definitely seeing the fruits from what Elder C. Scott Grow taught us a few weeks ago. His visit changed my life and my mission. Because of the things he helped me realize, I now know what it means to exercise true faith to find, teach and baptize. The goal setting he taught us how to use helped us to find B and D and help them come unto Christ through the waters of Baptism. Not only that, but we have been working with a lot of the less active families and many of them showed up to church this Sunday.

This past transfer we saw many miracles happen as we put our faith in the Lord and understood that the only way to accomplish the Lords will is to go to him for help. I learned a lot of things last transfer and I can truly say that the scripture in Ether 12:13-15 has had a greater meaning to me now as I know that the key to the Lords work is Faith. Even my boy M, the brother of B, came to church and to the baptism. I mentioned last week how he had not wanted to participate in our lessons but came in last week as we discussed Joseph’s first vision.  I’m grateful to be a part of the Lord’s work that is going on out here in Woodburn at this time and I know I have been sent here for a reason. I can see lives changing for the better, especially mine.

So, things are going amazing and I thank Heavenly Father for letting me learn these experiences now so I can use them for the rest of my mission. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and serve the Master.

I love my mission and my only desire is to help make Woodburn a Ward instead of a Branch and with the Lord’s help, we are on our way.


Elder Payne