Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Six More Weeks in Seaside!

Dear Family and Friends,

Thanks for sending me the picture of Abuelito, he looks like a G. He is always rockin the suit in his pictures, now that’s a man with style ha-ha. He seemed like a pretty sweet guy and I can’t wait to meet him after this life. I was so sorry to hear about Aunt J’s loss and will keep her family in my prayers.  Please give the family a big hug for me and I will write as soon as I can.   My boy W has been doing well. He is facing some challenges with family trials and we are trying to help him out the best we can and get him ready for his mission. He is a really an awesome guy and we are hoping to take him out with us more since he is really helpful with our investigators. What I’ve learned out here is people just need someone to talk to sometimes and you’ve got to listen to what’s going on. There are always hard times in people’s lives and the spirit can direct us how to help people handle their trials. 

Things have been going great here in Seaside. I was glad to answer some of your questions so you know a little more about what’s going on over here in Seaside. If you have some more questions let me know and I’ll try to answer them. Well I’m about done with my journal, about 12 more days left till it’s complete and let me tell you about the pictures. Well the computers here at the library are to slow to convert all the pictures to the hard drive so I can’t do it. I’ll have to think of something so I can get you guys some pictures going.

That’s really awesome that you and Mom both got set apart as missionaries and will be serving in the Spanish Branch in the Stake so now when I get back, we can all talk to each other in Spanish. Being with a native Spanish speaking companion from Mexico has really helped my Spanish to improve even though I’m still serving in English. I only talk to Elder S in Spanish now so it is really helping me a lot. So I got news about transfers. Yesterday was transfer meetings and I am staying in Seaside for another 6 weeks until the next transfer call. I know that I still have an important work to do here in Seaside so I am excited to have these following weeks to work. I am with Elder S again and I’m excited.  We have hit a few bumps in the road in our companionship and I can understand as I’m probably not the ideal roommate or companion but nothing that being humble and compromising can’t fix!!  I will continue to strive to make the companionship work so we can both have a good time serving the Master.  Chyeah!

Yesterday was so awesome because the whole mission came together and we had an apostle of the Lord come speak to us!!  Elders P and Elder C from the 70 came to speak to us. It was an awesome experience and we brought W with us so he could enjoy it as well. I learned so much from the counsel they gave and it was truly an honor to hear the voice of the Lords servants. I also got to see all my boys from the Spanish side of the mission and it was a great reunion. I have been in English so long it was good to see the family and catch up on old times. I saw my boy Elder W and his voice was deeper than ever. I love that guy and I learned so much from him, it was good to see my Pops too, Elder H. Anyway, it was an awesome experience yesterday and it feels good to know that I still have work to accomplish here in Seaside, I’m not done yet!

Well I wanted to share my testimony with you about fast offerings. I remember back in the day at the Shallowford Ward how Bishop N said if you pay your fast offerings, the Lord will take care of you. If you pay a generous fast offering, the Lord will never let you starve.  I can testify of that since being here in Seaside I haven’t gone one day without a dinner and I haven’t had to buy groceries for like a month. I have been able to survive on leftovers for breakfast and lunch until we eat dinner again!! It is an amazing blessing because whatever money I have left at the end of the month, I just give it back to the church in fast offerings. I have learned from this experience and I know that the Lord will bless those who pay fast offerings. I have made a commitment to pay my fast offerings for the rest of my life.

Last Saturday we had a Ward Temple day and that was so awesome. Elder S and I were able to give an outside tour of the  Portland Oregon temple and it was a great experience. The temple is so beautiful and amazing and I would like to get married there one day but we will see what my wife has to say about that too. Anyway, we gave a tour and were able to explain to everyone what the symbols and all the markings on the temple and temple grounds meant. I never knew that the temple on the outside was so symbolic but the way its constructed and built have things to do with the gospel. You guys definitely need to come check it out with me, maybe at the very end of my mission but we will talk about that later.

I had a funny experience with a young man in the Ward the other day; he is the kid that just moved here and is starting to get active in the church again. He always comes out with us and loves to share the gospel. Well, he has been having some smoking problems and is addicted to cigarettes. One day we picked him up to go to an appointment and I saw him smoking in the corner. He didn’t know we saw him but we honked the horn and he came out of the corner of his apartments and I got out of the car. I played it cool and was like," O snap, what’s that smell. He was like I don't know what does it smell like? I asked him, you been smoking Bro? He denied it and said of course not. Then I was like come on Brosef I just saw you, don’t tell me that Buddy. He replied oh okay, only one. I then said, Bro, come on buddy, don’t give me that. He then said, oh come on man, alright 5. I was like, you’re the man, but we can’t help you conquer this addiction unless your honest with us Buddy. Then he said okay and admitted that he would tell us the truth from then on. We told him he could definitely overcome his addiction if he relies on the Savior and is accountable for his actions. So every night he calls us and tells us how many cigarettes he smoked. He is down to 3 a day, I’m proud of my boy and I know that with the Lord’s help he can conquer this habit!

Well that’s about all that happened this week, I love serving the Lord!


Elder Payne