Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Merked in Seaside!

June 14, 2011

Dear family and friends,

Life is just moving along great over here in Seaside. We had an awesome week but I am getting merked by allergies out here.  I keep trucking along because there is no time to waste and there is always work to do in the Lords kingdom. We had some awesome experiences this week and I have some good stories to tell you.

First, thanks for the package, I really like those protein bars as they are something quick and I can eat them on the go. I heard about the Mav's, that’s cool they won. I agree with you on the NBA draft though, I hope the Jazz get some good picks!! It’s a good time to be out here on my mission because the Jazz really sucked it up this season ha-ha. I'm down with the new Celestial Cleaning Logo. The Logo really looks high class and professional. I could use someone to come by from Celestial Cleaning at our place; there are eggs in the fridge that have been here since I arrived 2 months ago.  That’s cool that you’re trying to make a new website for the business too.  It can be hard work but it’s pretty fun. 

I told you about how if you turn the Skizzy upside down it says O.P.M. So I’ve decided to make mission tee shirts for the missionaries out here so we can rep them at a district activity or something. I can’t try and make money out here and run a business so I will just sell them for cost. It will basically be the Skizzy shirt but I will flip the Skizzy upside down and put the O.P.M. in the top of the wrist!! I’ll let you know how it goes and I’ll probably send you one. 

That's really cool that mom got to sit in that Lamborghini and see a rap video filmed in downtown Atlanta.   I wonder who the rappers were.  When you find out let me know so I can see if I used to jam to them. I appreciate the photos you sent me too ha-ha. Why is Abuelita wearing those huge glasses from the 80’s? Someone needs to go get her some nice normal size glasses ha-ha. But she is getting old and what I’ve found out about old people on my mission is that they just don't care anymore ha-ha. They do whatever they want and they could care less if they look cool or what people think of them. I have everything I need out here and the Lord is blessing me with the things I do need. I haven't had to buy groceries for like 2 weeks because I’ve been surviving off of all the leftovers from eating at the members houses and of course I have to have my cereal, it’s the BEST!!

I’ll tell you some awesome experiences that have happened this week so you will know what’s going on. You know our investigator Juliana, the older lady that used to be Jewish?  Well we finally contacted her after a week. We found her in an alley by her house chasing down one of her 8 cats. We asked her where she had been and she told us that her son didn’t approve of her being baptized. We asked for some of her time so we could talk about how she was feeling. After hearing her out and listening to how she felt, we felt inspired to talk about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and his love for her. We expressed our love for her and let her know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is how she can obtain full happiness in this life and the in the life to come. She felt the spirit as she told us the she had the same feelings when we first met with her. We promised her blessings and that her son would be alright with her decision in the end. I have the highest hopes for Juliana and I know this can bless her life. Well she came to church last Sunday and she said she loved it. She said it felt like she was coming home, because the members greeted her and treated her so nice. That was a cool experience because I am starting to see that I’m not just teaching people out here, but I am loving them.

Well I told you that I got a ticket on the way to the temple. I was driving to the temple about a month ago and I know there is opposition in all things, so I got a ticket for trying to get there to fast. Anyway, yesterday on P-day, I had to drive up to Astoria for my court date. I called the Elders serving in Astoria and told them to suit up because we were going to show up to court looking like missionaries. We drove up there and picked up the Elders from Astoria and we rode to the court in our suits. I thought I was going to have to appear in front of a Judge in a big court room but it just so happened that all I had to do is talk to a lady behind a glass window. I asked her if I got more money off my ticket because I dressed up so nice. She laughed and said no. I thought it was worth a try because you always see people dressing up when they go to court. Well anyway it was a fun experience at the Court because I joked around with the ladies working there behind the glass window. They ended up taking 50 dollars off my ticket, Chyeah! So instead of paying 190, I played like 140. I felt good to get it lowered and I’m not speeding for the rest of my mission.

Last Thursday we had an awesome experience at Zone Conference. It was President Dyches last Zone conference and it was way spiritual. I also got to see all the Spanish speaking missionaries that have been sent to serve in English for a few months like me. It was good talking to them in Spanish and we all had a pretty good time reminiscing about tacos and the Spanish branches we’ve served in. At the end of the conference, we all went around and everyone gave a huge hug to President and Sister Dyches because we won’t see them again. When I hugged President Dyches, he looked me in the eyes and said some words that I will never forget. It was way awesome. Well, I have an interview with him the 23rd of this month just 5 days before he goes home, so I’ll get a picture with him and have a heart to heart talk with him. He is an awesome mission president and I really love and respect him so much.

Let’s see, any funny experiences that have happened this week?  Well, we were tracting and we ran into the guy that delivers the local paper. I tried to contact him and ask him if there was anything we could do for him. He just smiled and gave me a hug. He then said," Your presence right here is just good enough!" I didn't know what to do or think, so I just gave him a pass along card and told him if he wanted to know more to check out the website. He might have been a little out of it, but it was good to see that people still feel comfortable giving strangers hugs. I was okay with it, and I hope someday he checks out the Mormon.org  website when he gets time off from delivering papers.

I have to write my weekly letter to the President, but I want you to know, Mom and Dad, how grateful I am for you guys. You’re the best parents I could have ever received and one of the main reasons I’m out here. Every time I try to help people out or serve them, I am reminded of your examples. It’s awesome to have parents that rock and have got your back.

Peace and Love,