Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Keizer, Oregon

December 27, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,

It was good talking to the family on Christmas day! It's hard to believe but I still didn't get to tell you everything I wanted to! Anyway, so much has happened in just these last two days, I’ll let you know what I’m talking about. First I am sending you some more pictures home in a package; I’ll send you some other cool stuff in there as well. Also I’ll send you some more ties you can rock, as I have too many now, and I will send you the ones that are my nicest, Chyeah! Plus I’m almost through with writing in my first journal so I’ll send that home soon so you can have the whole missionary experience that I have been having instead of just a weekly thing.

I told you about my boy Charlie Reiser, he got baptized Christmas morning and it truly was a white Christmas...ha-ha! Well he was confirmed a member of the church yesterday and he received the Holy Ghost. It was an awesome experience being able to help Charlie out in his life as he has gone down a hard path to get here! Well after Charlie’s baptism, we went to spend our Christmas day with the Deloya's. They are sweet and I had a great time over there! They hooked us up with these sweet stockings full of stuff we could use like soap, tooth paste, floss, a tooth brush...etc. I think they were trying to say something ha-ha Chyeah! Naw, they weren’t, but it was a sweet present and the stocking is really cool! We played some awesome games in Spanish and what not and it was a great way to spend some of Christmas day away from the family! After that we stopped by our investigators places and invited them to church! We stopped by to see Amancio, and you know him, he is a fregin G! Anyway then on Sunday, we picked up Amancio and another investigator named Miguel. These guys are in there 70's and I’m pretty sure they are some of the oldest guys in Keiser! Ha-ha Anyway they both rock and wanted to come to church! Right when we knocked on Amancio's door, he swung it open and greeted us with a '' QUE PASA ELDERS" which translates to WHAT’s HAPPENING ELDERS or WHATS HAPPENIN G's! Anyway going to church with these guys was awesome as they had a lot to say in there wisdom. Miguel made sure to participate in the classes by sharing experiences from his life and his children along the years. During Sacrament meeting Amancio tried to talk to me in what he thought was a whisper but it was actually kind of a shout...ha-ha! Then when they passed the sacrament and Amancio saw a young kid taking it asked me in a loud voice. ES VINO!!!!!!!????? He thought that the little kid was drinking wine ha-ha but I explained to him that we used water. Anyway it was a great time at church and it was good to have those guys attend with us! After church we went to go eat at my boy Javier Ramirez's house, the family that we spent Christmas Eve with. Well I think I told you about Javier's daughter that just moved here from Mexico, well she has decided that she wants to be taught about the church and that is so exciting. We are going to teach her today and I think it will go well as she is very interested!

I'll tell you an awesome experience of how the Lord answered my prayers. I was praying about Javier's daughter, Tiffany, and how we should go about teaching her. I wanted to know what date the Lord thought would be good for us to set as here baptismal date. So I was praying on my knees and asking God what he thought would be best and my mind was blank. I kept trying to think hard and all of a sudden, the date the 16th of Enero popped into my head. I wasn't even thinking about any dates, my mind was like blank, and then it popped into my head! It was like WOW, that’s crazy. Anyway I checked what date that was and it was perfect, it gave us enough time to teach her and get her ready for baptism on a Sunday. It really strengthened my testimony further to see that Heavenly father loves each and every one of his children! And not to mention that he trusts me enough to give me an answer when I ask for it! It is amazing to know and say that I know that God lives and so does his son Jesus Christ. Not only that but that they both want the best for us, and they want us to follow them, each and every one of us! Chyeah!

Anyway, I played basketball this morning with some of the old guys in our Rama and it was really fun. I played with Jesus Deloya, Juan Carlos Deloya, and Lester Mcbride. It was fun because they were just some guys that I knew from church, but playing ball with them helped me to bond with them while shooting the J shot. I hope that doesn’t sound lame, I’m just trying to say that these guys are tight and its fun playing basketball with old men!

Well today’s p-day and I went to the thrift store and bought this sweet alpaca jacket with matching hat and gloves. It was an impulse buy but I saw it from the window when we were driving buy the thrift store and I had to buy it. Chyeah!

Well I love you guys,

Peace out!

Elder Dolor