Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey Mom and Dad,

Did you get my pictures?

By the way, I don’t know if I told you this but I found a plastic bag in our apartment that contained what I have been dreaming about my whole mission. In the plastic grocery bag was about 20 of the ugliest ties you have ever seen!!!!  I WAS SO EXCITED!  I asked Elder Hansen if they were his and they weren’t so they are all mine. I now have like 35 ties and most of them are from like the 80s, so it’s tight.

I really don't know where to begin.  The mission has been so awesome even though I've only been out for 2 weeks. You know one thing that kind of stinks is when you have an appointment with an investigator or potential investigator and they are not there.  I have been told that this can happen a lot so there is no need to worry about it. As long as I’m out there doing my best to spread the word of God, I’m doing my part, Chyeah!

Anyway, I'm going to try and tell you everything that happened this week, the good and the bad. Our investigators Filomeno and Ema have been throwing us curve balls. When we have the opportunity to teach them, I feel like they sincerely want to change and be baptized. But then when we have an appointment the next day they aren't there and they usually don't call us to let us now.  It seems the only time we are able to teach them is when we catch them when they are at home. It seems that Ema is more prepared to be baptized than Filomeno but I’m just not sure. We had a baptismal date set for Ema this Friday but she didn't go to church this Sunday and missed her baptismal interview. It kind of stinks because she is so close but then she goes and does something like this. When she shares her testimony with us, it is so strong, but I think there might be something else going on here. We have been teaching a couple of other investigators as well. We challenge them to read the Book of Mormon but when we come back for the next appointment, most of them haven’t read anything. To me it seems that most of them believe it could be true, but don’t want to change their lives because they are already comfortable. It’s kind of hard to share your testimony and feel the spirit so strong in a room, then the next time you see them, to see that they haven't made much of a change. Anyway, the people we have been teaching are really awesome, I just want them all to know that this message isn't just so they can have some more knowledge or think it’s cool. I want them to know that if they know this message is true, and the Book of Mormon is true, then the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth, there is a Prophet on the earth today, and that some changes are necessary in order to follow Christ’s example.

My companion is the man! Elder Hansen and I are working our best to meet all the needs of our investigators. We haven't had any problems or fights, and our goals are in unison. We just want to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone that is willing to hear it. It has been really hard to get from place to place now though because we are in a car share. So instead of being able to make it to everyone we want to see during the day, we only get to see a few.

My Mission President wanted me to tell him in my weekly letter if anything funny has happened to me during the past week.   Well, I kind of forgot how loud sacrament meetings can be.  Compared to the MTC, the sacrament meeting last Sunday was like a Rock Concert. There were kids going nuts everywhere and I could barely hear anything, the same with Stake Conference too. But I guess that is how it goes when you have a lot of little kids in the Branch. Something else funny that happened was a guy thought we were gang members at his door and was about to take us out. He was like who are you guys and what do you want, I said, we are sharing a message about God, do you have two minutes for us to ask you some questions? He started laughing and I thought he was about to start hating on us for being missionaries. He then said," Oh, you guys are wearing ties!" And I was like yup. Then he said, “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I thought you guys were gang members but then I saw that you have ties on, I was about to take you guys out. Then I said, well it is a good thing you didn’t, then I asked him if we could share our message and he said no. Well I guess that was pretty funny but other than that nothing much else happened.  I guess all in all it was a pretty exciting week!!!!!!!!

I have to go but I will tell you a sweet story that happened the other day! We were knocking doors and we stumbled upon this white house. A girl answered the door and we asked her if she had two minutes for a quick message. After we shared the message with her in the doorway  we asked her if she was interested in hearing more and she said yeah and let us in. In the house were a couple of college aged people, one guy with tattoos all over and there was a baby in a cradle. By their outward appearance it seemed like these people could care less about our message but there is no need to judge. After we started sharing the message, people from all over the house started to come in to the living room to listen to our message about the restoration. They were all so excited to here our message and everyone was participating. When we offered to end with a prayer, they all gathered in the living room and folded their arms. One guy that was there started calling more people in to listen to the prayer. About 6 people were in the room and they were all waiting to listen to the prayer. It was cool just because at first look, it seemed like they didn’t want to listen, but by the end they were all listening. They are English speaking so we have to give them to the English speaking Elders as a referral but it was good teaching them. I will see the other Elders tonight and pass them off so they can follow up in the future. 

Love you guys,

Peace out!